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the Papal States about 1800, showing the location of the permanent and temporary mints.

To see the Papal coinage listed by Berman number, see On the coinage of the Papal States.

early Papal States


half baiocco

baiocco (= 1/100 scudo after 1740)

due baiocchi

due e mezzo baiocchi

4 baiocchi


half grosso

grosso (= 1/20 scudo after 1740)

giulio (= 1/10 scudo after 1740)

doppio giulio (= 1/5 scudo after 1740)

testone (= 30 baiocchi after 1740)

half piastra

one piastra

half scudo

one scudo

mezzo zecchino



first decimal reform (1832-66)

one hundred baiocchi = one scudo; five quattrini = one baiocco; see the Wikipedia article the Roman scudo


half baiocco


two baiocchi

five baiocchi

ten baiocchi

twenty and thirty baiocchi

fifty baiocchi

one scudo (silver and gold)

2½ scudi

five scudi

ten scudi

Roman Republic (1848-49)

late Papal States (lira reform, 1866-1870)

(one old scudo = 5.375 lire)

four, five, ten soldi

one and two lira

five lire

ten lire

twenty and fifty lire

one hundred lire

Vatican City, lire coinage (1929-2001)

five centesimi

ten centesimi

one lira

two lire

ten lire

hundred lire

five hundred lire

one thousand lire

Vatican City, euro coinage (since 1999)

one cent

one euro

one hundred euro