U.S. Philippines twenty centavos

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Business Strike Issues: 1903-1945

This is a very interesting series containing the only intentional “error” of both countries – the 1927/8-M mule, made from a modified 1927 5 centavo die. Worth the equivalent of a U.S. dime at the time, the denomination was a carry over from the denomination used by the previous Spanish colonial government. Many dates have no gems known, and some varieties have a total population of less than 5, making this set one of the hardest to complete, more so in high grade.

Commonwealth Issues: 1937-1945

Proof Strike Issues: 1903-1908

Beautiful coins struck from Barber quarter planchets (citation needed--ed.), this series would probably be the least challenging among all of the proofs considering populations. However, to underscore their scarcity, the population totals for all years are comparable with ANY year of its Barber proof cousins. Populations number in the low hundreds for some years, so completing this set will still be a monumental challenge.