Flowing Hair Large Cent, Wreath Reverse (1793 only)

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The second major design in the cent series is the so-called Wreath style. The obverse was redesigned from the earlier motif and now features Miss Liberty in higher relief, with the hair details more pronounced, LIBERTY above her head, the date 1793 below, and above the date a sprig or leaf design.

The reverse consists of an open wreath tied with a bow at the bottom, enclosing ONE CENT, with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the fraction 1/100 surrounding. Both obverse and reverse are protected by a high rim with a bead design between the rim and the field. The appearance of the fraction, 1/100, in addition to the denomination, ONE CENT, not only asserted that our coinage system was decimalized, but was meant to help the large number of foreign and illiterate people who were unable to read words but who could recognize numbers.

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1793 S-10 R4 Wreath Cent. MS-64 Brown a.jpg