Lincoln Cent, Steel (1943 only)

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The 1943 Steel penny was made during the 2nd year of war to preserve copper. The cent is made strictly of 100% pure steel with a very thin layer of zinc coating the steel. The steel penny was minted in the San Fransico Mint, the Philidalphea Mint, and the Denver Mint. The switch to steel for this one year alone saved the US government 10 million pounds of copper while it was vital to the war effort. There were an estimated 40 copper cents minted by mistake due to left over copper planchets at the mints. Out of the estimated 40 there are only 12 that have been confirmed and these 12 sell for more than 200,000 dollars (citation needed--ed.) which is a 200,000% increase from its original value of one cent.


REGULAR STRIKES (no PROOFS were made in this year)

The following coins are errors, struck on copper blanks left over from the previous year. They are among the most popular and valuable of all Lincoln Cents.