Turkey AH1255(16) para

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
Turkey 1255-16 para rev DSLR.jpg

This specimen is from a series struck in Istanbul during the reign of Sultan Abdul Mejid (r. 1839-61). Ottoman coins were dated using regnal years; the reverse bears the date AH 1255 (= 1839 A.D.) while the obverse bears the regnal year 15 (AH 1269 = October 1852-October 1853). The Hejira calendar uses a lunar year instead of a solar year, so its starting date moves from year to year. This type was issued AH 1255, year 8 thru 21, altho the weight was reduced in year 16 and again in year 18. The copper para was abandoned after this type.

Recorded mintage: 3,400,000 (KM 665.1 and 665.2).

Specification: copper, .85 g.

Catalog reference: KM 665.2.


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