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Tunisia - from embassyworld.com

Arab rule (to 1881)

Ottoman Empire (prior to AH 1272 / 1855 AD)

note: piastre = riyal

one, two, four and eight kharub

one, three and six nasri



five piastres

Ottoman Empire/Bey of Tunis (AH 1272-1298 / 1855-1881 AD)

Sultan Abdul Mejid (AH 1272-1277 / 1856-1861 AD)

Sultan Abdul Mejid with Muhammad al-Sadiq Bey

Sultan Abdul Aziz (AH 1276-1293 / 1860-1876 AD)

TUN 1292 4riyal-cs1295 kunker-lot647-13Dec2011-EUR80.jpg
TUN 1291 4riyal-cs1295 kunker-lot646-13Dec2011-EUR80.jpg

Sultan Abdul Hamid II (AH 1293-1299 / 1876-1882 AD)

countermarked coinage (AH 1295 / 1878 AD)


French Protectorate (AH 1298-1376 / 1881-1956 AD)

Muhammad al-Sadio Bey (AH 1299 / 1882 AD)

Ali Bey (pre-decimal to AH 1308)

Decimal coinage (beginning AH 1308)

one centime

five centimes

ten centimes

twenty-five centimes

fifty centimes

one to five francs

ten francs

twenty to one hundred francs

independent republic (since 1956)

one to five dinars

ten to seventy-five dinars

one hundred dinars

essais and pieforts