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see also Spanish and Spanish colonial coins listed by Cayón number

Medieval coinage (ducats, excelentes, doblas, etc.)

early coinage of Ferdinand and Isabella

Pre-decimal coinage (maravedis, reales and escudos)

Regional coinage

Early decimal coinage (1852-68)

five, ten, 25 céntimos

one real

two reales

four reales

ten reales

twenty reales

forty reales

hundred reales

second decimal coinage (1865-68)

decimal coinage (centimos and pesetas, 1868-2001)

one centimo

two centimos

five centimos

ten and twenty centimos

fifty centimos


two pesetas

five pesetas

ten pesetas

twenty pesetas

twenty-five pesetas

fifty pesetas

one hundred pesetas

two hundred pesetas

five hundred pesetas

two thousand pesetas

twenty thousand pesetas

euro coinage (since 1999)


two cents

five cents

ten cents

twenty cents

fifty cents

one euro

two euros

ten euros

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