PCGS 2055 - Indian Head Cent, Copper Nickel (1860-1864)

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Indian Head Cent, Copper-Nickel (1860-1864)

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Treasury Secretary Howell Cobb said that the change was made to give the design a more national character.


James Barton Longacre 1844-1869

The design used in 1859 is called the Pointed Bust design, due to the sharp truncation to the portrait. In 1860 a new design, stylistically a reversal, with a broad bust point was used. It stayed in used until 1864. The 1860 issue is found with both obverse types.


The reverse of the Indian Cent was changed by Longacre from a laurel (olive) wreath to a wreath of oak with olive and three arrows bound at the base by a ribbon. A federal shield is at the top. Patterns showing the new reverse were made in 1859. All regular issues from 1860 onward carry the basic design. Beginning in 1861, the center of the design was made shallower to allow the mint to reduce the striking pressure and save money on dies. These are known as Shallow N dies due to the shallow N in ONE. This design was used exclusively until 1869 and is also found on a few issues dated 1870-1872 and business strike 1877 issues.


Indian Head Cent, Copper Nickel (1860-1864) Mintage


  • Weight: 72 grains (4.67 grams)
  • Diameter: 19 millimeters
  • Composition: Copper - 88% - Nickel - 12%
  • Edge: Plain.

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