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Peru in 1892

Colonial coinage (to 1824)

quarter reales

half reales

half reales of Charles IV

one reales

two reales

milled two reales

four reales

eight reales

cob eight reales

pillar eight reales

bust eight reales

countermarked royalist issue

half escudo

one escudo

bust type

two escudos

four escudos

eight escudos

bust type

Republic pre-decimal coinage (1822-57, including N. Peru & S. Peru)

1/8 and ¼ peso provisionals

silver cuartillas (¼ real)

half real

one real

two reales

four reales

eight reales of the Republic

half escudo

one escudo

two escudos

four escudos

eight escudos

Republic decimal transition (1858-63)

Republic decimal coinage (1863-1985, including pesetas and libras)

one centavo

two centavos

half dineros

five centavos

one dinero

ten centavos

quinto (1/5) sol

twenty and twenty-five centavos

half sol

one sol

five soles

ten soles

twenty soles

fifty soles

one hundred soles

one thousand soles

Provisional centavo and peseta coinage (1879 - 1882)

Gold trade coinage (libras)

half libra


Reform coinage (1985 to date)

inti coinage (1985-91)

nuevo sol (since 1991)

one thru fifty centimos

one thru five Nuevo soles

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