Mexico 1754-Mo MM 8 reales

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Aureo sale 238, lot 306
Aureo sale 238, lot 307
These specimens were lots 306 and 307 in Aureo & Calicó sale 238 (Barcelona, November 2011), where lot 306 sold for 950 euro (about US$1,506 including buyer's fees) and lot 307 sold for 625 euro (about US$991 including buyer's fees). The catalog description[1] noted,
"1754. México. MM. 8 reales. Columnario. Dos coronas reales. Rayas en reverso. Golpes en canto. Muy rara. (MBC+/MBC). (eight reales of 1754, Mexico City mint, pillar type, two royal crowns. Scratches on reverse, very rare, very fine.)" and "1754. México. MF. 8 reales. (Cal. 335). Columnario. Corona real - corona imperial. Muy rara. MBC/MBC+. (eight reales of 1754, Mexico City mint, pillar type, royal crown and imperial crown. Very rare, very fine)"
This date marks the transition between "crowns alike" (the first specimen) and "different crowns" (second specimen). The SCWC notes the 1754 MM with "crowns alike" as very rare, explaining why the Leunda collection only had a scratched one. Assayer MF also exists for 1754 and is common. Mexican numismatists hotly debate which side of the coin constitutes the obverse. Gilboy[2] depicts the shield side as the obverse as that side bears the king's name. However, auction catalogs and dealer listings more frequently use the pillars and globes side as the obverse, as that side bears the date.

Recorded mintage: unknown but available.

Specification: 27.07 grams, .917 fine silver, .798 troy oz ASW.

Catalog reference: Cayón-10591 (crowns alike), Cal. 334 and 335, KM 104.1 and KM 104.2.


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