Mexican imperial and republican coinage, 1822-1905

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This page links to coinage of Iturbide, the Mexican Republic and Maximilian. The eight reales and the decimal coinage will be found on separate pages.

Federal copper 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 reales

Federal silver 1/4 reales

State 1/8 and 1/4 reales (copper)

state of Aguascalientes

state of Chiapas

state of Chihuahua

state of Durango

state of Guanajuato

state of Jalisco

state of Michoacan

state of Occidente

Occidente was a temporary merger of the states of Sonora and Sinaloa which was broken up in 1830.

state of San Luis Potosi

state of Sinaloa

state of Sonora

state of Zacatecas



Municipal and hacienda tokens

Silver half reals

Silver one reals

Silver two reales

Silver four reales

Silver eight reales

Gold half escudos

Gold one escudos

Gold two escudos

Gold four escudos

Gold eight escudos

Iturbide and hooknecks

Alamos mint (1864-72)

Chihuahua mint (1841-71)

Culiacan mint (1846-70)

Durango mint (1832-70)

Estado de Mexico mint (1828-29)

Guadalajara mint (1825-66)

Guadalupe y Calvo mint (1844-51)

Guanajuato mint (1828-70)

Hermosillo mint (1863-73)

Mexico City mint (1824-69)

Oaxaca mint (1858-69)

Zacatecas mint (1858-71)

Decimal coinage (centavos and pesos)