Mexican coinage of the modern era, since 1905

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Mexico in 1955

This page links to coinage issued after the reform of 1905, including the reform of 1994.

One centavo

Two centavos

Five centavos

Ten centavos

Twenty centavos

Twenty-Five centavos

Fifty centavos

One pesos

Note: though the 1908-09 pesos were struck after the 1905 reform, they are included in the pre-reform coinage because of the similarity in design.

Two and 2½ pesos

Five pesos

Ten pesos

Twenty pesos

Twenty-five pesos

Fifty pesos

Hundred pesos

Two hundred pesos

Coinage of the "new peso" (1994 to date)

Bullion issues ("onzas" and "libertads")

1/20, 1/10, ¼ and ½ onza

one onza

coinage of the Mexican Revolution (1910-20)