Liberty Nickel, With "CENTS" (1883-1913)

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1883 5C With Cents PR


The Liberty Head Nickel

Following the introduction of the Liberty Head nickel without CENTS, the omission of this key word was realized, and the reverse design was modified to incorporate CENTS below the wreath. The motto E PLURIBUS UNUM, earlier in that space, was reduced in size and placed in an arc above the wreath. This style was continued through the end of the standard series in 1912.

Coinage was continuous from 1883 onward. Scarce early dates include 1885 (the key issue) and 1886. In 1912, nickel five-cent pieces were struck at branch mints for the first time; at Denver and San Francisco.

An interesting variety in this series was the result of a mistake made at the Mint during the production of 1903 Proof Liberty nickels. During the striking of...more