Jefferson Nickel, Original Design Vintage (1938-1946)

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In 1938 the nickel was redesigned. Entering a competition with 390 artists, Felix Schlag captured an award of $1,000 for his motif picturing Thomas Jefferson on the obverse and a corner view of Jefferson's home, Monticello, on the reverse. In the final production design, the profile of Monticello was changed to a front view.

The finished product depicted a head and shoulders portrait of Jefferson facing left, with IN GOD WE TRUST to the left and LIBERTY and the date to the right. The reverse depicted Monticello at the center, E PLURIBUS UNUM above, and inscriptions of MONTICELLO, FIVE CENTS, and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA below.

Certain issues from 1942 through 1945 were made of a different more

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