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see also Italy, Napoleon for issues of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy.

miscellaneous pre-unification issues

one centesimo

two centesimi

five centesimi

ten centesimi

twenty and twenty-five centesimi

fifty centesimi


two lire

5 lire

10 lire

twenty lire

50 lire

hundred lire

200 lire

500 lire

This specimen was lot 23176 in Stack's Bowers ANA sale (Philadelphia, August 2018), where it sold for $1,080. The catalog description[1] noted, "ITALY. 500 Lire, 1992-R. NGC PROOF-65 ULTRA CAMEO. KM-unlisted. Bi-metallic coin struck in gold (ring) and platinum (center). Struck to commemorate the Genoa International Expo in 1992. Platinum center exhibits hard mirrored fields and frosted devices." This is not listed in Gigante or Montenegro and is probably a pattern. There is a 500 lire issued for the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America but it is silver and has a different design.
Italy SB818-23176r.jpg

1000 lire

2000 lire

euro coinage

one cent

two cents

five cents

ten cents

twenty cents

fifty cents

one euro

two euros

five euros

ten euros

twenty and fifty euros