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Persian Islamic art - ceramic tiles

Ancient Empires

Parthian Empire (247BCE - 224CE)

Orodes I

Orodes II

Vardanes I

Sasanian Empire (224 - 651 CE)

The Sasanian Empire

Ardashir I (224-241 AD)

Varahran II (276-293 AD)

Narseh (293-303 AD)

Hormizd II (303-309 AD)

Shapur II (309-379 AD)

Yazdigerd II (438-457 AD)

Peroz (457-484 AD)

Kavad I (2nd reign) (499-531 AD)

Khusro II (590-628 AD)

Kavad II (628 AD)

Ardashir III (628-630 AD)

Yazdigerd III (632-651 AD)

Islamic Empires

Arab-Sasanian coinage

Yazdigerd type anonymous

Khusro II type anonymous

Governor or caliph identified




Great Seljuqs


Safavid Dynasty (AH906-1149, 1501-1736 AD)

4 shahi = 1 abbasi

Afsharid Dynasty (AH1149-1210, 1736-1796 AD)

Zand dynasty (1751-1794 AD)

all struck at the Khuy mint unless otherwise noted.

Qajar Dynasty (AH1210-1343, 1796-1925 AD)

12 rupees + 2 shahis = 8 riyals = 1 toman

100 dinars (2 shahi)

500 dinars (half kran)

1000 dinars (one kran)

2000 dinars

5000 dinars (half toman)

10 kran = 1 toman

Heritage sale 3042, lot 30056
This specimen was lot 30056 in Heritage sale 3042 (Long Beach, September 2015), where it sold for $1,057.50. The catalog description noted, "Muhammad Ali Shah silver "Medal for Loyalty" AH1326 (1908) CH VF, 48 mm. 41.05 gm. An immense silver medal featuring the bust of the Shah surrounded by crossed arms and legend (as notated by Baldwin's): al-sultan bin al-sultan bin al-sultan bin al-sultan wa'l-khaqan bin al-khaqan bin al-khaqan bin al-khaqan al-Sultan Muhammad 'Ali Shah Qajar Shahanshah Iran. The reverse depicts the emblematic Lion of Persia wielding a sabre with the radiant sun behind, wreaths encircling, and the Qajar crown at top. The following inscriptions encircle the design motif (as notated by Baldwin's): shah peresti "royalist", ghayrat "zealous", wafa "faithful", rashadat "well-behaved." Struck during a tumultuous time in Iranian history known as the bombardment of the Majlis, this is a crudely-manufactured silver medal that was most-likely presented to loyal soldiers. Despite a shallow-strike, the attractively-designed motifs are most pleasing and aside from the previous sale of this selection through Baldwin's, this is a rarely, if ever offered medal. Ex. Baldwin's Islamic Auction 07/11, Lot 820. Sold with certificate."

Pavlavi Dynasty (AH1343-1399, 1925-1979 AD)

Iran - present day, courtesy of Nations Online Project

50, 100, 500, 1000, 2000 dinars

5000 dinars


quarter pahlavi

half pahlavi


2½ pahlavi

five pahlavi

Islamic Republic (AH1399, 1979 AD to present)