Iceland 1957 eyrir

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from the Berserker Collection
Iceland 1957 eyrir rev GH.jpg

This coin was struck for Iceland in 1946-66, likely at the London mint. An earlier type (KM 5.1-5.2) was struck at the Copenhagen mint 1926-39 and bears the heart mintmark. In 1940, as Nazi troops occupied Denmark, American troops occupied Iceland. In 1944, a vote was held and Iceland declared independence from Denmark and became a republic. The main event of the fifties in Iceland was the "Cod War," a dispute with Britain over fishing rights near Iceland's shores. This date is common. The plural of eyrir is aurar and 100 aurar = one krona.

Recorded mintage: 2,000,000 plus proofs.

Specification: 1.62 g, bronze, 15.1 mm diameter.

Catalog reference: KM 8.


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