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see also Great Britain, Scotland

Edward III (1327-1377)

Richard II (1377-1399)

Henry IV (1399-1413)

Henry V (1413-22)

Henry VI (1422-61, 1470-71)

Edward IV (1461-70, 1471-83)

Edward V (1483)

Richard III (1483-85)

Henry VII (1485-1509)

Henry VIII (1509-1547)

Edward VI (1547-53)

Mary I (1553-58)

Ponterio sale 173, lot 1317

Elizabeth I (1558-1603)

James I

Charles I


Charles II

James II

William III and Mary II


George I

George II

George III

George IV

William IV


Jubilee head

old head

Edward VII

George V

George VI

Elizabeth II

sterling coinage

decimal coinage

Heritage sale 3082, lot 34198
This specimen was lot 34198 in Heritage sale 3082 (New York, January 2020), where it sold for $2,040. The catalog description[1] noted, "Great Britain: Elizabeth II gold Proof "Marriage of William & Catherine" 5 Pounds 2011, KM-Unl. Sold with the original case of issue and COA #0728. AGW 1.1771 oz."

trade coinage