German States, Prussia

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Prussia in 1789, from Putzger's atlas of 1905
1872-B 20 mark

According to the SCWC, prior to 1837, one thaler = 24 groschen = 288 pfennig = 576 heller. In 1837, this was reformed so that one thaler = 30 groschen = 360 pfennig. In 1871, when the Empire was founded, 100 pfennig = one mark.

Electorate of Brandenburg (1417-1701)

kingdom of Prussia (1701-1871)

one pfennig

two pfennig

three pfennig

four pfenninge

half groschen

one groschen

2½ groschen

four and eight groschen

1/24, 1/12 and one-sixth thaler

quarter and third thaler

half thaler and gulden


Frederick II (the Great)

Friedrich Wilhelm II (1786-97)

Friedrich Wilhelm III

Friedrich Wilhelm IV

Wilhelm I

two thaler

half krone

gold krone


halb friedrichs d'or (half frederick d'or)

friedrichs d'or (frederick d'or)

doppelter friedrichs d'or

reform coinage (1871-1918)

two mark

three mark

five mark (silver and gold)

ten mark

twenty mark