France 1936 50 centimes

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
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This specimen is a slightly better date of a type struck at the Paris mint 1931-41 under the French Third Republic (1870-1940) along with similar one and two francs. This design was suspended by the Vichy regime in favor of the Francisque type. When the Morlon type was resumed in 1944, after the Liberation, it was struck in aluminum. The half franc which replaced it in 1965 with the inauguration of the Fifth Republic was worth one hundred of these coins. This type was demonetized in 1949. Open and closed "9" varieties exist.

Recorded mintage: 16,602,087.

Specification: 2 g, aluminum bronze, 18 mm diameter, after a design by Pierre Alexandre Morlon (1878-1951).

Catalog reference: F.192/12, KM 894.1.


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