Egypt AH 1223(31) qirsh KM-184

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EG 1223yr31 1qirsh-obv.JPG
EG 1223yr31 1qirsh-rev.JPG

The coin shown is a one qirsh, composition silver, from the reign of Sultan Mahmud II. It was struck at the Cairo Mint. The obverse bears the toughra, or signature, of the sultan. Below the toughra is the denomination (qirsh), abbreviated as 'sh', with the number 1 above. The reverse carries the ascension date and the text minted in Misr (Misr is Arabic for Egypt). The date is written as AH 1223 year 31, which translates to about 1837 AD. This was one of the first series to be struck on milled planchets.

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Specifications: 1.4 g, 19 mm diameter, 0.833 silver.

Catalog reference: KM 184.


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