Egypt AH1327(3)-H 5 qirsh

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
Egypt 1911 5 qirsh rev 600.jpg

By 1911, Egypt, while nominally a dependency of the Ottoman sultan in Constantinople, was thoroughly dominated by the British, keenly interested in maintaining control over the Suez Canal. This issue, though bearing the tughra of the sultan Muhammed V, was struck at the Heaton mint in Birmingham, England. The acession date of 1327 plus the regnal year 3 identify this as an issue of 1911. The type was struck 1910-13 and succeeded a similar coin (KM 294) struck 1885-1908 during the reign of sultan Abdul Hamid II. Five qirsh pieces were struck to this standard as late as 1939, during the reign of the notorious king Farouk. The twenty qirsh was a crown-sized coin so this piece was roughly equal to a quarter.

Recorded mintage: 2,400,000.

Specification: 7 g, .833 fine silver, .1875 troy oz ASW.

Catalog reference: KM 308.


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