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Colombia in 1640 - image from thejourney1972

colonial coinage (to 1819)

quarter real

half real

one real

two reales

four reales

eight reales

milled coinage

one escudo

one escudos of Ferdinand VII

two escudos

two escudos of Ferdinand VI

two escudos of Charles III

two escudos of Charles IV

two escudos of Ferdinand VII

four escudos

eight escudos

eight escudos of Charles III

eight escudos of Charles IV

eight escudos of Ferdinand VII

Republic pre-decimal coinage (1819-50)

half decimo de real

half real

one real

two reales

eight reales

gold peso

one escudo/two pesos

two escudos

four escudos

Eight escudos

Sixteen pesos

Republic of Colombia decimal coinage

one centavo

1¼ centavos

two centavos

quarter décimo/2½ centavos

half decimo/five centavos

One décimo/ten centavos

Two décimos/twenty centavos

five decimos/fifty centavos

Silver and gold pesos

copper-nickel peso

Two pesos

2½ pesos

five pesos

ten pesos

twenty pesos

fifty pesos

hundred pesos

200 and 300 pesos

500 pesos

one thousand pesos

inflationary coinage (1907-16)

these are marked on the reverse "papel moneda". One peso in paper was worth one centavo in silver.