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Being a Numismatist requires research, interest and patience. Being a WikiNumismatist requires the same qualities. We expect you to plunge forward into the task of authoring, editing, and illustrating articles on CoinFactsWiki, in much the same spirit as Wikipedia encourages editors to "be bold". You can edit any article on CoinFactsWiki, and we hope that you do. We need your knowledge, your experience, your talent, and your attention.

Plunging forward means:

Being assertive. Your knowledge and experience count! There are only a few, "Numismatic Experts" working on CoinFactsWiki, and they will come to your assistance, so don't worry about not being good enough. We want your help. We would like to have good quality images of your coins. Please do not submit copyrighted work or work of others without their permission.

Experimenting. There's really not much permanent damage you can do to CoinFactsWiki. If things get really broken, other WikiNumismatists will come in and fix them.

Doing what's OK right now. You don't have to upload a perfect article fully formed the first time around. Just add a stub if you don't quite know what to say. Get your thoughts down, and let others expand on them. That's how Wiki works!

Ignoring authority. You have as much right to edit anything on CoinFactsWiki as anyone else does. Don't bother asking whether it's all right to edit something. It is! You might start with reistering as a contributor and letting us know a little about you. You may want to start out as an anonomous user. That is fine. You can use your contributor page for information about yourself, your interests, or simply as a sandbox for practice.

So plunge forward! You just might enjoy it!