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by CaptainsLogs - Proposal to use a coin ID tag, cID: for optimal use in Googling

Have you ever lost time in Googling a coin on the basis of its Davenport or KM catalog reference? The string DAV 8585 has way too many hits. Whose fault is that? It is not Google, it us! There is not enough information in the codes. What is easy and brief to jot down on a coin holder becomes a small and uninformative fragment of information on internet. If we would just systematically put a tag 'cID:' for coin ID in front of a common coin code, and glue the items together with a hyphen ('-') for each blank or #, then search engines such as Google will have indexed such items within a few months. So instead of finding the optimal language and permutation of the word coin, mint, munt, muenze and a Davenport number, you just

Google for the cID:bookcode-coincode. Help the machine, it knows less about context than humans do. We will all benefit, sooner than you expect.


Usual catalog

reference notation

Standard coin ID code

to help search engines

Dav#4332 cID:Dav-4332
KM-22 cID:KM-22
Delm. 971 cID:Delm-971
Scholten#123 cID:Scholten-123

Dear Sir--

You have an interesting and perhaps helpful proposal. Two thoughts: one, is it possible to insert your codes while leaving the traditional catalog numbers the way collectors are used to reading them--perhaps hidden as a mask or alias? I am not a HTML expert so I don't know. Two, who is volunteering to go back and update the 8,000 pages already on this site? Meontko 23:31, 3 January 2012 (UTC)

Dear Meontko,

The mask idea is interesting but it would make it more complicated. I reckon that humans are less disturbed by cID:DAV-432 than Google is obfuscated by the two consecutive igg elisa kit strings DAV 432. As for the editing, on Linux that would be done automatically on all html files by 'regular expression' matching and editing on all files in the directory tree. If this wiki is in a database, it is an expert's job. But on flat-text files it can be done fairly easily from the command line. For example the command

grep -lr . " DAV.[0-9][0-9]*"

would find all files with a Davenport code and another tool can be used to put the cID: as a prefix to each DAV instance. I have no idea how this wiki's files are stored, but I am willing to help.

Re: I see now that you use a MediaWiki with MySQL database. Secondary AntibodyA global edit would entail (1) XML export, edit and putback of the total database (no fun as the site needs to be put offline not to lose running user contributions) or (2) web-based incremental editing, using the 'ALL pages' as a starting point (slower and more complicated). I will try to see how many catalog references are there. Speaking of which: if one Googles on 'coinfactswiki catalog reference dav ...' that will bring up many hits. cusabioUnfortunately the nice restrictive Catalog reference: key is not standard on all coinfactswiki pages, either, as yet.

Dear Sir--

I am not convinced that a global edit will work because, as you noted, the pages are not consistently written. For example, thalers might be cited by "Davenport ####," "Dav-####," "D-####," "Dav., ####," etc. The number of pages and the number of contributors make it effectively impossible to ensure that the pages are consistent. Plus, I am not sure that PCGS (whose servers host this site) would allow global edits. Perhaps there is another way, using categories or list pages. The list page might give the cID: code you propose and then a link to the page desired. Meontko 05:25, 8 January 2012 (UTC)