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Colonial coinage (to 1818)

quarter reales

half reales

one reales

two reales

four reales

eight reales

one escudos

two escudos

four escudos

eight escudos

Republic pre-decimal coinage (reales, pesos and escudos):

quarter real

half real

one real

two reales

eight reales/one peso

one escudo

two escudos

four escudos

eight escudos

Republic decimal coinage (pesos and centavos, to 1959):

half centavo

one, two and 2½ centavos

half decimo / five centavos

one decimo / ten centavos

twenty centavos

forty centavos

fifty centavos

one peso

two pesos

five pesos

ten pesos

twenty and fifty pesos

hundred pesos

Modern coinage (since 1960)

CIA map of Chile in 1974

In 1960, the currency was reformed, with 1 escudo = 1000 old pesos. In 1975, it was reformed again, with 1 new peso = 1000 escudos.



five pesos

ten pesos

fifty pesos

100 and 500 pesos

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