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''Specification:'' 25 g, .900 fine silver, .723 troy oz ASW.
''Specification:'' 25 g, .900 fine silver, .723 troy oz ASW.
''Catalog reference:'' KM 671.
''Catalog reference:'' KM 671, [[Silver crowns by Davenport number|Dav-339]].
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* return to coins of [[Spain]]
* return to coins of [[Spain]]
[[Category:European crowns and thalers]]
[[Category:Silver pesos of Spain]]

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Spain 1876 5 pesetas SyL 11-09 1055g.jpg

The ouster of the monarchy in 1868 failed to bring stability to Spain. A short-lived republic yielded to the rule of Amadeo I, a prince from Italy who, finding nobody willing to listen to his suggestions, abdicated in 1873 and returned to Italy. In 1874, Isabel's son Alfonso was invited to assume the crown and coins were issued in his name. In 1869, the peso was reduced to 25 grams and set equal to five pesetas with each peseta divisible into 100 centimos. This system would prevail until the coming of the euro. This design was struck in large numbers and is fairly common in grades up to Very Fine; nice specimens like the one shown are scarce and expensive.

Recorded mintage: 8,548,000.

Specification: 25 g, .900 fine silver, .723 troy oz ASW.

Catalog reference: KM 671, Dav-339.


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