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* [[Mexico 1751-Mo M real|1751 1 real]]
* [[Mexico 1752-Mo M real|1752 1 real]]
* [[Mexico 1753-Mo M 1/2 real|1753 ½ real]]
* [[Mexico 1753-Mo M 1/2 real|1753 ½ real]]
* [[Mexico 1753-Mo MF 8 reales|1753 8 reales]]
* [[Mexico 1753-Mo MF 8 reales|1753 8 reales]]

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This date is one of a series struck 1747-1760 for Ferdinand VI. It is considered common. Gilboy[1] lists no varieties for the date.

Mexican numismatists hotly debate which side of the coin constitutes the obverse. Gilboy depicts the shield side as the obverse as that side bears the king's name. However, auction catalogs and dealer listings more frequently use the pillars and globes side as the obverse, as that side bears the date.

Specification: 3.38 grams, .917 fine silver, .099 troy oz ASW.

Catalog reference: Gilboy M-1-26, KM 76.1.


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