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Welcome to CoinFactsWiki!

We'll write our own condensed help soon that hits on the most important points of editing this wiki, but in the meantime you can use [1] to find all the info you'll need on the software (plus a bunch you probably don't!).

Editing a Wiki is easy and fun. You do not need any special software to edit a Wiki page. In all but a few cases, if you can see the page on your computer screen, you can edit it.

Be sure to log in before performing any editing functions.

To edit a page, simply click on the edit tab at the very top of the page. When the "edit" version of a page appears, you'll see lots of unusual characters. These are used by the Wiki to format the page. By switching between the saved version and the editable version of the same page, you'll soon learn what a lot of the symbols mean and what they do.

As you edit, take advantage of the Quick Editing keys that appear at the top of the page. Mouse-over the buttons to see what they do: Bold, Italic, Internal Link, etc.

Experiment as much as you like until the page appears to your liking. Be sure to hit the Save key at the bottom of the page before leaving, otherwise all your work will be lost.