France 1933 10 francs

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
France 1933 10 francs rev DSLR.jpg

This specimen is a common date of a series struck 1929-39. All 234 million were struck at the Paris mint without mintmark. Most dates are readily available; the 1937 date is rare. This type was an attempt by the Poincaré government of France to revive the silver écu but at a realistic level after the ravages of the inflation of World War One. The face value of the old franc Germinal was 0.222 franc/gram of silver; this coin prices silver at 1.47 francs/gram. It was officially demonetized in 1945 but ceased to circulate during the German occupation. The design was revived 1945-49 by the Fourth Republic as a copper-nickel coin.

Recorded mintage: 31,145,963.

Specification: 10 g, .680 fine silver, 28 mm diameter, reeded edge, designed by Pierre Turin (1891-1968).

Catalog reference: F.360/5, KM 878.


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