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Sedwick sale 11, lot 982
Aureo sale 246, lot 674
Heritage sale 3037, lot 29274
Colombia H3037-29274r.jpg
The first specimen shown was lot 982 in Sedwick sale 11 (Winter Park, FL, April 2011), where it did not sell. The catalog description[1] noted,
"Bogotá, Colombia, pillar 1 real, Charles III, 1760JV, ex-Emilio Ortiz, Restrepo plate coin, very rare one-year issue and finest specimen on public record. We begin the landmark offering of the Jorge Ortiz Murias collection with a single 'pillar' piece, one of only 5 different Colombian pillar issues confirmed to exist (8R 1759, 1762 and 1770; and 1R and 1/2R 1760), and one of only about 12 known of this denomination, almost all holed and/or plugged (which is certainly less desirable than graffiti), whose public appearances are listed here in chronological order: Freeman Craig, December 1978 and May 1987; Ponterio, February 1993, June 1984 and March 1991 (Amat collection); Bonhams (Patterson collection), July 1996; Tarkis (Madrid), 2001; Cayón, November 2004; Herrero, May 2005; Boletin #62 of the Fundacion Numismaticos de Colombia (Bogotá); the Calico plate coin (Numismatica española, 2008); and the plate coin in Restrepo's Monedas de Colombia (2009). The present specimen is a solid XF, very lightly toned and well struck, whose only flaw is a pair of letters, P and H, either punched or engraved into the fields to the sides of the crown above the shield, wistfully described in the auction catalog for the Emilio Ortiz collection as 'incused letters 'PH' neatly placed beside the crown much like King Philip V might have preferred when he first authorized the pillar series in 1729.' Pedigreed to the Emilio Ortiz collection (Swiss Bank Corp., January 1991, lot 252), and plate coin in Restrepo's Monedas Coloniales Circulares (1999). Jorge Ortiz Murias collection of Colombian colonial minors."
The second specimen was lot 674 in Aureo y Calicó sale 246 (Barcelona, September 2012), where it sold for 765 € (about $1,161 including buyer's fees). The catalog[2] noted,
"Carlos III (1759-1788). 1760. Santa Fe de Nuevo Reino. JV. 1 real. Columnario. Nombre del rey CRS. Perforación. Rarísima. (BC+). (Charles III (1759-88), one real of 1760, Santa Fé mint. Pillar type. Scarce, Holed, extremely rare, fine plus.)"
The third specimen was lot 29274 in Heritage sale 3037 (New York, January 2015), where it sold for $16,450. The catalog description[3] noted,
"Charles III Pillar Real 1760 NR-JV VF35 PCGS, Nuevo Reino mint. A wholesome coin, choice for the designation with only limited wear and quite handsome toning over attractive and problem-free surfaces. Considerable detailing of the handsome design remains visible to the naked eye, including the "PLUS" and "ULTRA" inscriptions on the pillars. The minor coins struck in Nuevo Reino with the pillar type design have traditionally been praised as part of the classical and more desirable rarities of the entire Spanish Colonial series. Only two denominations were issued (½ Real and 1 Real, both dated 1760) with a total confirmed population of less than fifteen examples (the ½ Real being currently unique and impounded in a major collection). Most of the surviving specimens (struck from the same pair of dies, as could be expected since obviously struck in very limited numbers) of the very rare 1 Real 1760 NR-JV are worn and/or impaired. The only two pieces showing more detail than the present example have issues: the obviously Mint State ex-Restrepo coin (his plate coin, sold by Sedwick 11/2014, lot 753 for $3,500) has a rather large piercing, while the ex-Emilio Ortiz/Jorge Ortiz has two small letters engraved on the reverse. Other specimens in legendary holdings such as Patterson (Bonhams 7/1996) and Amat (Ponterio 3/1991) were worn and pierced. It could thus be argued that the present coin - clearly among the very finest known -is the most desirable of all publicly available examples in the last 30 years. As such, we expect strong attention from the specialists of this ever popular series: this may well represent the only opportunity to secure and unflawed and attractive example of this issue for many years."

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Specification: 3.38 g, .917 fine silver, .196 troy oz ASW, the Sedwick specimen 3.4 grams.

Catalog reference: Cayón-11242, KM-34; Restrepo-36.1; CT-1623.


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