Vatican City 1943 20 centesimi

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from the Tom Fitzgerald Collection
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In 1860, the king of Sardinia succeeded in unifying the Italian peninsula after centuries of fragmentation. The Papal States, protected by a French army, were not incorporated until 1870. The pope, denouncing the occupation of his domain, withdrew into the Vatican palace as a self-declared prisoner. Normal relations with the Italian government were not restored until Mussolini signed a concordat in 1929, granting the Pope sovereignty over Vatican City. Coinage began that year, struck at the Rome mint. Coins are issued for the Vatican City in symbolic amounts but as they are eagerly saved as souvenirs by tourists, they are not in short supply for collectors. This type, struck 1942-46 for Pius XII, is common tho only the 1942 was issued for circulation. It is the last of the denomination. The lira was retired in 1999 when Italy joined the euro.

Recorded mintage: 1,000.

Specification: stainless steel.

Catalog reference: KM 33, Ber-3392.


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