The 2009 Commemorative Lincoln Cent

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In 2009, the U.S. Mint created the Lincoln Cent, but this time with a new twist. Since it was the 200th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, four new reverse designs were used:

1.) Lincoln's Birth and Early Childhood in Kentucky (nickname: Cabin Cent)

2.) Lincoln's Formative Years in Indiana (nickname: Rail Splitter Cent)

3.) Lincoln's Professional Life in Illinois (nickname: ????? Cent)

4.) Lincoln's Presidency in Washington D.C. (Presidency Cent)

When the Lincoln Cent began in 1909, the composition was 95% Copper, 3% Zinc, and 2% Tin. Since 2009 marked the 100th anniversary of this coin, the composition of the proofs were "the same as those issued in 1909.". So that is the story of the 2009 Commemorative Lincoln Cent.