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predecimal coinage (to 1855)

half öre


two öre

five öre

plate money


quarter and half ducats


two and four ducats


two and three mark

four mark

eight mark

1/24 riksdaler, 1/16 riksdaler, 1/8 riksdaler, 1/6 riksdaler

quarter and third riksdaler

half and two-thirds riksdaler specie

one riksdaler specie

1/12 skilling, 1/6 skilling, 1/4 skilling, 1/2 skilling, 2/3 skilling

one, two and four skilling

carolin/ten francs

reform coinage (1855-73)

half, one, two, five, ten and fifty öre

one and two riksdaler riksmynt

riksdaler specie (4 riksdaler riksmynt)

modern decimal coinage (1873 to date)

one öre

two öre

five öre

ten öre

twenty-five öre

fifty öre

one krona

two kronor

five kronor

ten kronor

twenty kronor

fifty kronor