Spanish and Spanish colonial coins listed by Cayón number

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Alfonso VIII of Castile, 1158-1214

Pedro I of Castile and Leon, 1350-69

Enrique II of Castile and Leon, 1369-79

Juan II of Castile and Leon, 1406-54

Enrique IV of Castile and Leon, 1454-74

Juan II of Aragon, 1453-64

Enrique IV of Castile and Leon, pretender in Catalonia 1462-64

Alfonso II of Aragon, king of Mallorca, 1458-79

Fernando V of Aragon, 1479-1516

Ferdinand (1479-1516) and Isabella (1474-1504)

Juana and Carlos I, 1506-16

Fernando of Aragon served as regent for Juana and Carlos until his death in 1516. Most of the coinage attributed to Juana and Carlos was struck after 1516.

Carlos I, 1516-58

Felipe II, 1556-98

Felipe III, 1598-1621

Felipe IV, 1621-65

Lluís XIII of France, count of Barcelona 1641-43

Lluís XIV of France, count of Barcelona 1643-59

Carlos II, 1665-1700

pretender Carlos III of Austria, 1705-12

Felipe V, 1700-46

copper issues

half reales

one reales

two reales

four reales

eight reales

gold issues

Luis I, 1724

Fernando VI, 1746-59

Carlos III, 1759-88

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