Russia 1757 2 kopeks KM-C8

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The original poster of these images noted,
"This coin was sold by Goldberg Coins as part of the Hesselgesser collection of Russian coins in 2000. It is in an NGC PF66RD holder and probably the nicest example of the 1757 Novodel 2 Kopek with "tread" edge (Brekke 89). There were two varieties of the 2 Kopek in 1757, one with the denomination above St. George and one with the denomination below. There are also two Novodels with the same differentiation."
He correctly catalogued this as KM N39 but we have filed it under KM C8 to combine it with the circulation issue of 1757-60. Novodel is the Russian term for restrikes sold to collectors of the Tsarist era. Large quantities of two kopeks were struck 1757-62 for Elizabeth but are not mintmarked. Mintmarks were added to those struck for Catherine the Great 1763-96 (see KM C58.5).

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Specification: 20.48 g, copper.

Catalog reference: Brekke 89, KM C8 (circulation issue), KM N39 (novodel).


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