Russia 1738 ruble Dav-1674

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UBS sale 84, lot 1595
Heritage sale 3019, lot 25356
Russia 1738 ruble rev Heritage 3019-25356.jpg
The first specimen was lot 1595 in UBS sale 84 (Basel, January 2010). The catalog description[1] noted,
"RUSSLAND. Anna Iwanovna, 1730-1740. Rubel 1738, Moskau. Gekröntes Brustbild nach rechts. Rv. Gekrönter Doppeladler mit Georgswappen auf der Brust. Kl. Schrötlingsf. Vorzüglich" (Russia, Anna Ivanovna, 1730-40. Ruble of 1738, Moscow mint. Obv: armored, laureate bust facing right. Rev: Crowned double-headed eagle bearing a shield depicting St. George slaying the dragon. Extremely fine).
The second specimen was lot 25356 in Heritage sale 3019 (Chicago, April 2012), where it sold for $977.50. The catalog description[2] noted, "Anna Rouble 1738 Red Mint, Bust right / Crowned double-headed Imperial eagle, five pearls in hair, VF35 NGC. Brownish-gray patina with light marks." The coinage of Russia of the eighteenth century is a confusing and fascinating subject. Many ruble types were issued only briefly and can be dated even if they don't bear dates. This type, issued 1736-40, is priced quite a bit lower than previous issues of Peter I, Catherine I and Peter II. The massive portrait of the empress can only have been drawn from life. The rubles of Peter II were about 28 grams but this type seems to be only 25.85 grams.

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Specification: 25.85 g, .802 fine silver, the first specimen: 25.69 grams.

Catalog reference: Bitkin 201, Uzdenikov 735, KM 198, Dav-1674.


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