Riga 1574 thaler Dav-8459

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Kunker sale 263, lot 1599
This specimen was lot 1599 in Künker sale 263 (Osnabruck, June 2015), where it sold for €24,000 (about US$31,003 including buyer's fees). The catalog description[1] noted,
"RIGA, STADT 18 Ferding (Taler) 1574. CIVITATI - RIGENSIS Stadtwappen, unten Wertangabe ° I8 · F ° zu den Seiten Verzierungen, oben gekreuzte Schlüssel zwischen zwei Ringeln//(Verzierung) ° DENARIVS ° NOVVS ° ARGENTEVS Gekreuzte Schlüssel in verzierter Kartusche, zu den Seiten die abgekürzte Jahreszahl 7 - 4. Von großer Seltenheit. Prachtexemplar. Schrötlingsriß, vorzüglich-Stempelglanz. (city of Riga, 18 ferding (thaler) of 1574. Obverse: city arms, keys above; reverse: crossed keys in cartouche divide date, Of the greatest rarity, proof example, edge split, extremely fine to uncirculated.)"
Riga, a Hanseatic town, vigorously attempted to remain independent but fell under the control of the local bishop. Clerical rule ended with the coming of the Reformation and Riga was briefly independent before being incorporated in 1561 into the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and, by extension, the kingdom of Poland. Riga was taken by the Swedes in 1629 and by the Russians in 1721. Riga is today the capital of Latvia.

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Specification: silver, this specimen 28.01 g.

Catalog reference: Dav-8459; Haljak 872 (6R).


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