Morocco AH 1371 20 francs KM-Y50

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from the Ma’adi Collection
from the Ma’adi Collection

When Mohammed V came to the throne in AH 1346 (1927 AD), he changed the title of ruler to that of king rather than sultan. During the first part of his tenure, Morocco was still officially split between the protectorates of France and Spain, though the Kingdom of Morocco became fully independent in 1956 (except for some Spanish enclaves along the north coast). Coinage during the protectorate period included the legend in French 'EMPIRE CHERIFIEN' and denominations were centimes and francs.

Shown is a twenty francs coin from the Paris mint, dated AH 1371 (1952 AD).

Recorded mintage: 20,000,000.

Specifications: aluminum-bronze.

Catalog reference: KM Y50.


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