Morocco AH 1321-Be 10 mazunas

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from the Ma’adi Collection
from the Ma’adi Collection

The ruler Abdul al-Aziz succeeded his father Hassan I in AH 1311. He continued having coins struck in Paris, and added issues struck in London, Berlin, and Birmingham. The denominations were mazunas and dirhams, with one dirham = 50 mazunas. The 'crown' denomination was one rial, which was equal to ten dirhams. During this time, the ruler was honored on the coins not directly by name, but by an word or expression that alluded to him.

Shown is a bronze ten mazunas coin from the Berlin mint. The date is AH 1321, or 1903 AD.

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Specifications: 10.0 g, bronze.

Catalog reference: KM Y17.2.


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