Milan 1588 filippo Dav-8309

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Aureo sale 238, lot 4
Jean Elsen sale 111, lot 1287
Milan 1588 scudo rev JElsen 111-1287.jpg
Aureo sale 261, lot 206
The first specimen was lot 4 in Aureo & Calicó sale 238 (Barcelona, November 2011), where it sold for €526 (about US$834 including buyer's fees). The catalog description[1] noted,
"1588. Milán. 1 ducatón. Leves golpecitos. Atractiva. Escasa así. EBC-/EBC. (Duchy of Milan, ducatone of 1588. Light marks, attractive, scarce thus, about extremely fine.)"
The second specimen was lot 1287 in Jean Elsen sale 111 (Brussels, December 2011), where it sold for 420 euro (about US$646 including buyer's fees). The catalog description[2] noted,
"ITALIE, MILAN, Philippe II d'Espagne (1554-1598), AR scudo d'argento, 1588, Droit: B. cuirassé à droite, accosté de la date. Revers: Ecu couronné, dans un cartouche orné. Très Beau. (Italy, duchy of Milan, Philip II of Spain (1554-98), silver scudo of 1588. Obverse: armored bust to right divides date. Reverse: crowned arms in an ornate cartouche. Very fine.)"
The third specimen was lot 206 in Aureo y Calico sale 261 (Barcelona, July 2014), where it sold for €345 (about US$553 including buyer's fees). The catalog description[1] noted,
"1588. Felipe II. Milan. 1 ducaton. MBC/MBC+. (Philip II (1556-98), duchy of Milan, ducatone of 1588, very fine.)"
Ducatons were issued in the Spanish Netherlands and associated states (including the bishopric of Liege and Franche Comte) during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, where they competed with French écus, German talers and Dutch daalders and ducatons. The series is plagued by bad planchets and poor strikes, reducing their appeal to collectors. The Spanish issues for Milan ended with the death of Charles II in 1700, when the duchy passed to Austria, which held it until the coming of Napoleon.

Reported Mintage: unknown.

Specification: silver, the second specimen 29,08 g.

Catalog reference: Crippa 13/D-1, Vti. 53, Dav-8309.


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