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from the Mountain Groan Collection
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By the early 1980's, the Mexican economy was running into trouble. Political mismanagement, corruption, an antiquated tax structure and an exploding population were feeding serious inflation. Coin types, once stable in the early part of the century, began turning over more rapidly as inflation ate away their purchasing power. While this gave employment to coin designers and engravers, it limited their scope of action as progressively cheaper alloys were adopted. The five hundred pesos was introduced in 1985 as a gold coin commemorating the World Cup, then reduced to copper-nickel in 1986 and a portrait of Francisco Madero adopted. This type was issued without change until 1992, the year of the reform. Madero, a hero of the revolution of 1910-14, also appears on the twenty-five centavos of 1964-66 (KM 444) and the twenty centavos of 1974-83 (KM 442). The circulation coinage of the 1980's is also notable for being the first coinage to feature the denomination in Braille, altho the effect is only symbolic, as the dots are too small to be useful.

Recorded mintage: 230,000,000.

Specification: copper-nickel, 28.5 mm diameter.

Catalog reference: KM 529.


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