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from the Mountain Groan Collection
from the Mountain Groan Collection

By the early 1970's, the Mexican economy was running into trouble. Political mismanagement, corruption, an antiquated tax structure were feeding inflation. Coin types, once stable in the early part of the century, began turning over more rapidly as inflation ate away their purchasing power. While this gave employment to coin designers and engravers, it limited their scope of action as progressively cheaper alloys were adopted. The five pesos, originally a gold coin (KM 464), then a silver coin (KM 467), was revived in 1971-78 as a copper-nickel coin featuring the bust of Vicente Guerrero. Vicente Guerrero, a hero of the War of Independence (1810-21), signed the Treaty of the Three Guarantees which ended the war and allow Iturbide to become emperor of the new nation. After Iturbide's ouster, Guerrero became president of the Republic in the 1820's. Cynics declare it unlikely that he ever wore a uniform as handsome as that shown here.

Recorded mintage: 75,000,000.

Specification: copper nickel, 33 mm diameter, edge lettered INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD.

Catalog reference: KM 472.


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