Mexico 1940-M centavo

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
Mexico 1940 centavo rev DSLR.jpg

This centavo is a common date of its type which commenced in 1905. As such, the type had the longest run of any coin type in twentieth century Mexico. This date is common, tho some of the earlier dates, such as 1915-22 and 1924-25, are scarce. A handsome, lustrous example such as the one shown can be obtained for a few dollars. In 1950, the centavo was downsized and changed to brass (KM 417) in which form it was issued until 1973, long after it had ceased to have any purchasing power.

Recorded mintage: 10,000,000.

Specification: 3 g, bronze, plain edge, 20 mm diameter.

Catalog reference: KM 415.


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