Mexico 1864-M centavo

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from the San Dimas Collection
Mexico 1864M centavo rev JS.jpg

This specimen is was struck 1864 only at the Mexico City mint. The Juaristas had issued a limited number of copper centavos at Mexico City and Potosi in 1863 but were displaced by the Maximilian regime before production could begin in earnest. This type was promptly demonetized when the Juaristas returned to power in 1867 and a new design with an upright eagle was introduced (KM 391). However, this type is commonly found in worn condition, suggesting it continued to circulate along with state coppers and municipal tokens for many years. Not until the introduction of the small size centavo in 1899 were all these miscellaneous issues driven out of circulation.

Specification: copper.

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Catalog reference: KM 384.


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