Guatemala 1762-G P 2 reales

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photo courtesy Soler y Llach
Shown is a 1762 2 Reales from the Guatemala mint, of a type issued 1760-1771. It was lot 365 in Soler y Llach's January 2010 sale, where it sold for 360 euros ($613 including fees). The catalog description noted,
"CARLOS III. 2 Reales. 1762. GUATEMALA. P. Columnario. ESCASA. Cal-1233. MBC+" (Charles III 2 reales of 1762, Guatemala mint, scarce, choice Extremely Fine).
Gilboy[1] notes this date as 'S2' or scarce. This issue is very rare in nice condition; this specimen could well be the finest known.

Mexican numismatists hotly debate which side of the coin constitutes the obverse. Gilboy[1] depicts the shield side as the obverse as that side bears the king's name. However, auction catalogs and dealer listings more frequently use the pillars and globes side as the obverse, as that side bears the date.

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Specification: 6.77 g, 0.917 fine silver, 0.1995 oz ASW.

Catalog reference: G-2-10, KM 25.


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