Guanajuato 1857 1/8 real

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
Guanajuato 1857 octavo rev DSLR.jpg
from the San Dimas Collection
Guanajuato 1857 octavo rev JS.jpg
from the San Dimas Collection
Guanajuato 1857 octavo rev JS2.jpg

Shown are examples of a copper eighth real from the state of Guanajuato, struck 1856-57. This type is also recorded in brass. While the central government of Mexico reserved for itself the right to strike gold and silver, the states were permitted to strike the base metal coinage, a right which they exploited to the utmost. These coins could be minted and issued at a profit, a fact not lost on cash-strapped state governments. As these were to be quickly and cheaply made and forced upon a long-suffering populace, little effort was expended to make them nice; most survivors are poorly struck on badly prepared planchets and heavily worn. Counterfeits abounded and contributed to the abuse. See Buttrey and Hubbard[1] or Bailey[2] for more information.

Today, state coppers are avidly collected. They are very challenging to find in nice condition and high grade examples are beginning to realize prices proportionate to their rarity.

Recorded mintage: unknown.

Specification: copper or brass, 29 mm diameter.

Catalog reference: KM 327, DB-310a[2].


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