Gelderland 1786 3 gulden Dav-1849

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This type was struck 1721, 1764 and 1786 in the waning years of the Dutch Republic, during the reign of Stadtholder Prince William V. Altho tariffed at 60 stuivers, the same as a silver ducaton, it is about 5% lighter than that coin. In 1794, the Dutch Republic was snuffed out by invading forces of the French Revolution. The Low Countries did not regain their independence until 1815, with the formation of the kingdom of the Netherlands. The design features the Netherlands virgin with hat of freedom, with spear, leaning on altar with bible. The obverse legend hanc tuemur hac nitimur means, "on her we lean, it is she whom we protect."

Recorded mintage: 127,820.

Specification: 31.82 g, .920 fine silver, .941 troy oz ASW.

Catalog reference: KM 103, Dav-1849.


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