France AN13-A 1/4 franc

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
France An 12A quart franc rev DSLR.jpg

This tiny coin was struck at Paris under the régime of the French emperor Napoleon. It is the commonest date of a short-lived type (AN 12-14) that remains scarce today. The date reflects a ten year experiment of using the revolutionary calendar (AN 4-14) which set 1789 as year 1.

The quarter-francs of Napoleon ran thru a number of types, none of which are common (catalog numbers taken from Le Franc VIII):

  • F.157: Bonaparte Premier Consul (AN 12 only, 323,000 struck for the type)
  • F.158: Napoleon Emperor, revolutionary calendar (AN 12-14, 519,000 struck for the type)
  • F.159: Napoleon Emperor, Gregorian calendar (1806-07, 112,000 struck for the type)
  • F.160: Napoleon Emperor, "Negro head" (1807A only, 41,000 struck)
  • F.161: Napoleon Emperor, laureate head, "République Française" on reverse (1807-08, 23,000 struck for the type)
  • F.162: Napoleon Emperor, laureate head, "Empire Français" on reverse (1809A only, 34,000 struck for the type)

Recorded mintage: 128,363[1], 128,000[2].

Specification: 1.25 g, .900 fine silver, 15 mm diameter.

Catalog reference: F.158/8, KM 654.1.


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