France AN12-A 1/2 franc KM-648.1

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from the Mountain Groan Collection
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This dime-sized coin was struck at Paris under the régime of Napoleon as Premier Consul, before he made himself emperor of France. The type was struck AN11-12 only and is rather scarce. It was demonetized in 1869. The catalog[1] notes 14 dates for the type, some very rare. This date is the commonest date. The AN12-I (Limoges mint) has a higher mintage but is priced higher. Year 12 (1803-04) represents the first year all the silver and gold denominations appeared. Silver five francs and gold 20 and 40 francs had appeared in France previously but year 12 saw the introduction of the silver ¼, ½, one and two francs.

Recorded mintage: 280,361[1], 280,000[2].

Specification: 2.5 g, .900 fine silver, 18 mm diameter, decorated edge. Designed by Pierre Joseph Tiolier, 1763-1819.

Catalog reference: F.173/2, KM 648.1.


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